The research for the project is lead by Dr. Rachelle Hole and Dr. Leyton Schnellert.

All of the CLS Theatre Company members (see Co-Creators and Actors) took part in the research by:

  • helping to decide what the topic of this research¬† project would be;
  • deciding who to talk with and what questions to ask;
  • participating as interviewers, note-takers, and/or time keepers in zoom focus groups with self advocates, employers and employment specialists;
  • reviewing what was learned; and
  • developing key messages to be used for the theatre production.

What are the key messages?

  • People with disabilities are good workers who are reliable, dedicated, eager and want to work!
  • Employers have a duty to create inclusive work environments and accommodate accessibility needs with kindness and flexibility.
  • Having work makes people with disabilities and gives them purpose.
  • Employment helps people with disabilities grow, develop new skills, and can safely challenge them to step out of their comfort zones.
  • We have the right to meaningful work, no matter what our abilities. We have the right to employment that will be continuous, where individuals have the opportunity to be promoted, receive equal pay for equal work, and receive benefits.