Our We Deserve to Work Project presents at the Canadian Association for Theatre Research conference today Self-advocate co-creators and actors, theatre artists, & researchers from our We Deserve to Work theatre project with Community Living Society and Massey Theatre are presenting at the Canadian Association for Theatre Research conference today. Disability Justice in Applied Theatre: What Covid-19 Reveals about Accessibility in the Arts. The presentation is online of course! Check out […]

New legislation moves B.C. toward inclusive universal child care New child care legislation is building on the strong foundation that will bring an inclusive, universal early learning and child care system to B.C. families.  

NEW REPORT: Time to be Counted: COVID-19 and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities From the Executive Summary: “The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives and well-being of all people globally, with consequences being observed across all domains from physical and mental health to education and employment outcomes, to access to community supports and services. However, the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated public health restrictions […]

Brief on Evolution of End of Life Law On May 25, 2021 CIIC Founder and Co-Director Professor Tim Stainton presented a brief to the Quebec National Assembly’s select committee Special consultations and public hearings on the Evolution of the Act respecting end-of-life care with a particular focus on the vulnerability of people with disabilities within the evolving Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) regime […]

Recommended changes to Accessible BC Act DABC and several other disability advocacy organizations have carried out a review of Bill 6 – the Accessible BC Act – and found several concerns that we feel are vital to be addressed before the bill becomes law. We support the recommended changes and urge all MLAs to consider our recommended changes before it passes […]

Vaccine Priority for People Supported by Community Living BC Inclusion BC Announcement: March 23, 2021 Inclusion BC has released a statement confirming that people supported by CLBC will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in the coming weeks. Please read their full release and connect to additional information.

Government stops debate, rams through sweeping changes setting back disability rights on the anniversary of Canada ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities If Bill C-7 becomes law, it would introduce assisted suicide as an option exclusively for people with disabilities and disabling medical conditions who are not dying or near death. Inclusion Canada Press Release 

The Disability Filibuster on Bill C7 – Medical Assistance in Dying A live Zoom solidarity broadcast running round-the-clock, 24/7 beginning at 7 PM Eastern on Monday, March 8 and not stopping until the Prime Minister withdraws Bill C7 or adjourns Parliament and returns to the drawing board. From the blog: Parliament is scheduled to sit March 8-12 and March 22-26. Somewhere during that interval, it appears […]

Professor Tim Stainton talks Bill C7 and Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada with @Questions_MarkTV and Keith Dow   Disability, vulnerability and assisted death: commentary on Tuffrey-Wijne, Curfs, Finlay and Hollins       

Canadian Researchers: Persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their caregivers should be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccinations. Persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities, COVID-19 and priority for vaccination A group of Canadian researchers, including CIIC members Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch and Dr. Tim Stainton, has released recommendations developed as part of a report being prepared on the impact of COVID-19 on Persons with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. Recommendation #1: In recognition of the heightened susceptibility of persons […]