Front of House Staff

Curtis Kleaman

My name is Curtis Kleaman, I live in North Vancouver for 27 years. I like seeing my mom, Gary and Granny. I like sports, like hockey, football and I like to go to movie. I love to and make homemade cookies. I like to go camping trip with my friends.



Duncan Gibbons

Duncan is a voice actor and aspires to further develop his career in Customer Service and Entertainment. Duncan jumps on every opportunity to work for theatre companies and entertainment themed employers and uses his great personality to deliver excellent customer service. Be sure to ask him about his best impressions.



Emery Green

Emery plans to attend the Douglas College Theatre Program in 2022 and appreciates the opportunity  to work Front-of-House for We Deserve to Work! Emery lives in New Westminster and works part time as a studio arts assistant.



Lesley Dugger

I am a funny person with a great sense of humor and enjoy funny jokes. I love to be around people, and I have been called a “social butterfly “ or even “ party animal “ because of my contagious laugh. I like going out to eat and to meet friends for lunch, coffee or just to hang out. I also love to spend time reading, doing word searches, playing games on my IPAD, listening to music and singing. I also enjoy my square dance club: wheeling 8s, sailing, hiking and Boccia at my local recreation center.  I am glad to a part of this project. Have fun, people.


Rebecca VanAgteren

I am a fun loving, compassionate person. I really enjoy entertaining, and its important to me that everyone that comes to my home feels good and I like to be around people with a good sense of humor.  I believe this opportunity to work in this theatre setting will be a great chance for me to meet more people, and of course, LAUGH!!


Sky Hendsbee

I am an easy going person, I love music and have my own D.J. business. I am a Special Olympics athlete and I have been a Special Olympics healthy athlete mentor.  I am also on the  board of  the Community Living Society and planning to get married. I like to keep busy and do well by others .