Meet the Team

Dr. Rachelle Hole (UBC Okangan School of Social Work)

Dr. Tim Stainton (UBC Vancouver School of Social Work)

Dr. Leyton Schnellert (UBC Faculty of Education)

Ross Chilton (Community Living Society)

Rachelle Hole

Leyton Schnellert

Tim Stainton

Aaron Pietras

Ross Chilton

Gillian Rhodes

John Woods

Rob Bromley

Amy Patterson

Cindy Chapman

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Mackenzie McKay Marsh

Larissa Gunk

Kurtis Johnson


Krisssy Pilorusso

Justin Van Cleef

Jay McInnis


Renu Shambhy

Dana Faris

Dan Tell





Chris Ham


Carrol Sheaves


Amy Chan






Aaron Pietras





















David Palmer


David dela Torre












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Leyton Schnellert, Producer and Director

Jessica Nelson, Producer and Director

Catherine McLaren, Co-Director / Assistant Stage Manager





Haley Lor, Co-Director






Rachel Shaen, Lighting Designer
















Megan “Fosse” Fass, Stage Manager



Sammie Hatch, Sound Designer

Kimira Bhikum, Scenic Designer



Roxanne Wiseman, Director of Quality and Innovation
Roxanne Wiseman has been working supporting families with a variety of individualized needs for over 20 years. She has worked across Canada and as far away as South America with organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Trillium Childhood Cancer Foundation, YMCA, CUSO, and locally within the community living sector. Roxanne values all her work experiences, especially those that pertain to her role with the CLS. She has worked as frontline community support staff both residentially, in vocational day centers and communities, and as a manager of residential homes and vocational centers. These experiences have given Roxanne a great appreciation of the work involved in supporting people to live meaningful lives and have valuable experiences as full citizens in their community. Roxanne is a strong advocate for Person Centered Active Supports (PCAS) and is a CLS PCAS trainer. In her role as Director of Quality and Innovation, Roxanne is responsible for the continued successful accreditation of the CLS, and oversees and ensures excellent services are provided to all of the supported individuals.


John Woods

John Woods has worked in the community living sector since 1992, and with Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion since 1997. In 2014 he became a Certified Sexual Health Educator. John currently works managing the Real Talk sexual health initiative, and with Options for Sexual Health BC in their Clinical Services department. John holds a BA from University of Manitoba. In his free time he writes & produces musical theatre shows, and plays guitar in his rock band.




Cindy Chapman