About us

The Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship is Canada’s only university-based research centre with a dedicated focus on social policy and issues concerned with the full inclusion and citizenship of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We are firmly rooted at the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

We Believe In…

  • INCLUSION ~ we all have a responsibility to create inclusive and welcoming communities
  • CITIZENSHIP ~ being a citizen means enjoying all the rights and responsibilities that most people take for granted
  • ACCESS ~ everyone needs and has a right to live in a safe and comfortable place that they can call home ~ to engage in meaningful work for fair pay ~ to enjoy reciprocal relationships ~ to have access to public facilities ~ and to live a full life in the community
  • LIFELONG LEARNING ~ we are committed to fostering, supporting, and maintaining a culture of lifelong learning to support growth, innovation and excellence
  • LEADERSHIP ~ achieving truly inclusive and welcoming communities for all citizens requires leadership by everyone. WE are committed to demonstrating, supporting and developing leadership
  • COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE ~ we believe innovative solutions to the issues faced by people with intellectual disabilities will be found in new relationships and partnerships