Giving in Action Program Evaluation

The Giving in Action Program Evaluation was a cost benefit analysis of the Giving in Action Fund (GIA) administered by the Vancouver Foundation. The GIA has two components – the Family Independence Fund (FIF) and the Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN) – both with a core intent to support individuals and their families in the home environment. Grants administered through this program go towards the costs associated with home renovations and retrofits, and purchasing vehicles configured to accommodate the disabilities require; both types of expenditures are for the purposes of ensuring that the family member can remain at home, living with their families in their communities, and in supportive surroundings both comfortable and appropriate. Dr. Mike Evans from UBC Okanagan took the lead on this project which was completed June 2014.

Investigators: Mike Evans, Rachelle Hole, Tim Stainton

View the Full Report: GIA Evaluation Final Report

Giving in Action, Receiving in Kind: A Summary Evaluation of Impact of the Giving in Action Society’s “Family Independence Fund” and “Children with Special Needs Fund”