Claiming Full Citizenship Conference

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In October 2015, the Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship hosted Claiming Full Citizenship; an international conference on self-determination, personalization and individualized funding.

Video Series 

The videos on this website support the Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship’s commitment to help transform human service systems so people with intellectual, physical and psycho-social disabilities and seniors can live as full citizens. Many of the videos were recorded at the Claiming Full Citizenship conference by Brian Salisbury. Additional videos featuring citizens and professionals talking about topics related to citizenship will also be uploaded over time. 

2015 Claiming Full Citizenship_Post Conference Report

View the Conference Brochure

Full conference details are available on the conference website.

Photos from the conference have been posted to the Claiming Full Citizenship Facebook Page.

New Zealand Conference on Self Direction, November 2016

Building upon the momentum gained from their work with the UBC Center for Inclusion and Citizenship on the Claiming Full Citizenship Conference, Manawanui Incharge from New Zealand hosted the New Zealand Conference on Self Direction in November 2016.