Spotlight on UBC Research – In Ottawa

We are thrilled to announce and congratulate CIC Co-Director Dr. Rachelle Hole was chosen as one of four UBC featured researchers being highlighted in the “Spotlight on UBC Research in Ottawa.”

“The event introduces some of UBC’s great minds—faculty members who research some of the most intriguing and important topics of our time. Hear how four UBC researchers are making an impact in areas such as forestry dynamics, climate change and forest fires; gene and cell therapy to treat diabetes; social inclusion and the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and the development of advanced computational models of the human body.”

Dr. Hole traveled to Ottawa February 5, 2019 with UBC’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Santa J. Ono and the other researchers to share brief introductions to their work.

UBC Spotlight on Inclusion and Citizenship

We also extend our congratulations to the other featured researchers Dr. Lori Daniels, Dr.Timothy Kieffer, and Dr. Dinesh K. Pai.

If you are in the Ottawa area and would like to attend, tickets are available through the full article.

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