Social Policy

NEW – November 2018

The United Nations Populations Fund has released

Women and Young Persons with Disabilities- Guidelines for Providing Rights-Based and Gender-Responsive Services to Address Gender-Based Violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health

This resource, developed by the United Nations Population Fund and Women Enabled International, provides practical and concrete guidance on the provision of inclusive and accessible services related to gender-based violence (GBV) and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for women and young persons with disabilities. While the primary audience is GBV- and SRHR-related service providers, the guidelines are a valuable resource for all stakeholders — including those in government, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations — involved in designing, developing, implementing or advocating for GBV or SRHR services for women and young persons with disabilities. The recommendations are aimed at all settings, including low-, middle- and high-resource settings, as well as humanitarian emergency settings.

November 2016 Splane Lecture in Social Policy: Sense & Debility with Dr. Catherine Frazee
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