Landmark report on ending the systemic discrimination against Disabled Nova Scotians. 

Today, April 26, 2023, the Disability Rights Coalition of Nova Scotia released the Expert Report that formed the foundation of its Interim Settlement Agreement with the Province and the NS Human Rights Commission.

In the wake of the landmark October 2021 NS Court of Appeal ruling finding systemic discrimination by the Province against persons with disabilities, the DRC and the Province agreed to obtain independent expert advice as to how the systemic discrimination identified by the Court of Appeal in its provision of supports and services could be resolved in a human rights compliant way.

The report includes six key directions with supporting action plans and timelines for implementation. The Province and the Disability Rights Coalition of Nova Scotia have agreed that the recommendations will form the basis of a remedy for an ongoing human rights complaint.

The report was prepared prepared by Eddie Bartnik, an internationally recognized expert in disability, mental health and community services from Australia, and Tim Stainton, a professor in the school of social work at the University of British Columbia and Director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship.


    “It has been my privilege over the past 8 months to work with Eddie Bartnik and our team to prepare this landmark

report on ending the systemic discrimination against Disabled Nova Scotians.  The report lays out a pathway to close all of the

institutions in Nova Scotia over the next five years, ensure people on the waitlist are given support

in a timely manner and,  ensure that everyone can live a life they choose in their own community. 

Working with the Disability Rights Coalition which led the court challenge and the Disability Support Program

staff of the Government of Nova Scotia has been a real pleasure and I am confident that a shared vision

and commitment will lead to a successful implementation of the remedy. ~ Prof. Tim Stainton, PhD


Plain Language Executive Summary:  NS-HRR-Technical-Paper-Exec-Summ-Plain-Language-FINAL-April-20-2023-1

Full Report: NS-HRR-Technical-Paper-FINAL-updated-04.26.23 (1)


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