How can families engage in safe and active recreation with their children living with autism spectrum disorders?

*New Project Announcement, September 2016

The Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship is pleased to partner with Dr. Lise Olsen, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing in the Faculty of Health & Social Development, University of British Columbia – Okanagan, on this project.

The overall goal of this project is to develop understanding about the factors influencing how families can promote safe, active recreation and activity for their children
with ASD and how communities can provide support and inclusive environments to assist families.

The project objectives will include:

1) To better understand parent and provider experiences and contextual factors across multiple levels that shape efforts to promote safe and active play for their children with ASD;

2) To assess current research findings across interdisciplinary literature related to factors and interventions supporting active, safe and inclusive recreation participation for children with ASD;

3) To build partnerships between researchers and community groups to support knowledge development and strategies to promote for safe and active play and recreation for families of children with ASD.


More details will be shared soon.