Home Sharing: Evaluating the Outcomes for People who have Moved from Group Homes to Home Share

This mixed‐methods research project, initiated and funded by Community Living British Columbia, will evaluate the outcomes for people who have moved from group home living arrangements into home sharing arrangements since 2007. An emphasis will be given to understanding individuals’ satisfaction in their current home sharing experience with special focus on understanding their current quality of life (QoL) as informed by Dr. Schalock’s QoL index. The design will consider multiple perspectives (e.g., self‐advocates, home share providers, and family/friend/caregiver perspectives) and will incorporate both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Investigators: Rachelle Hole, Tim Stainton

Research Team: Sevinj Asgarova, Assunta Rosal

Final Report

Living a Good Life Quality of Life and Home Share August 2015