The Statistics Canada 2017 Canadian Survey on Disability is underway.

The Canadian Survey on Disability collects information about adults whose everyday activities are limited due to a condition or health-related problem. The data will be used to plan and evaluate services, programs and policies. The survey is sponsored by Employment and Social Development Canada. Your contribution could benefit Canadians with activity limitations to help ensure […]

Manitobans with disabilities who have ‘aged out’ demand action on human rights complaints

Two Manitobans living with disabilities say they are frustrated with how long it’s taking the Human Rights Commission to address their complaints and have decided to ask the premier for help. Along with their lawyer, Joëlle Pastora Sala, Tyson Sylvester and a fellow plaintiff want to form a coalition of “gappers” — young adults with disabilities who have “aged out” of […]

News Release: Will BC MLAs take up the Ready, Willing & Able Challenge?

Summary:  New Westminster, B.C., March 23, 2015 – If an inspiring new campaign has the desired effect, many more of those with developmental disabilities will soon be gainfully employed throughout British Columbia. New Westminster, B.C., March 23, 2015 – If an inspiring new campaign has the desired effect, many more of those with developmental disabilities […]

Commentary: National Study on How Much Money Euthanasia will Save Threatens All of Us The following is a commentary by CACL distinguished associate, Audrey Cole, in response to a National Post article titled, Euthanasia may save $139M, study says. Back in the ’90s, in Ontario, a Minister of Health was forced to resign from Cabinet because of the inadvertent naming in the Provincial Parliament of a patient with […]

I Am Voting: BC Election 2017 Initiative launches in BC

The Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship, along with several community partners, is pleased to be supporting this initiative to ensure all people with disabilities in BC can participate in election activities and vote in the May 9, 2017 provincial election. There are many ways you can get involved. Visit the I Am Voting website for […]

Research opportunity for young people with disabilities: Help us understand the types of job accommodations and benefits you need to find and maintain employment.

The school-to-work transition is an important period where a young adult graduates from school and enters the working world. Early employment experiences during this period can determine a person’s long-term career trajectory. Young adults with disabilities may have added challenges during the school-to-work transition, and require job accommodations, vocational programming, and/or policy-level support to find […]

Sense & Debility: How disability figures in progressive social policy

2016 Splane Lecture in Social Policy Presented by Dr. Catherine Frazee. Video and Paper now available.  

BC Failed a Generation of Students: Time to Rebuild Inclusion in our Public Schools

During the 14-year fight between the BC government and teachers, a generation of students with special needs had their supports and inclusion steadily eroded. Now Inclusion BC calls for an urgent response to ensure public schools can restore inclusion, lost access and special education supports. Inclusion BC November 14, 2016 Press Release

CIC hosting International Day of Persons with Disabilities Film Festival December 3 in Kelowna

Join us as we host Inclusion BC’s and the BC self Advocacy Foundation’s Film Festival. An afternoon of memorable short films starring people with intellectual disabilities.  Reception to follow.