Submission to the Disability White Paper

Our submission is based primarily on evidence drawn from the numerous studies we have undertaken related to the full inclusion and citizenship for people with disabilities with a primary, though not exclusive focus on intellectual disability.

Canadian Inclusive Lives Learning Initiative (CILLI)

CILLI is a one of a kind learning program designed by the Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship. We are pleased to announce we are currently exploring partnerships to deliver CILLI in the Okanagan and Lower Mainland regions beginning September 2014. Please check back for updates and announcements. Click the title above for an interactive “prezi” […]

New Site on the History of Intellectual Disability Launched

This new site offers a range of resources as well as principles, etexts and discussion forums on the often neglected area of the history of Intellectual disability. Site authors Chris Goodey, Patrick McDonagh, Lynn Rose, Murray Simpson and CIC Director Tim Stainton are recognized leaders in this small but growing area of research. While there […]

New Project Announcement

Mapping Inclusive Employment Practices for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities We are pleased to announce that, in partnership with the BC Centre for Employment Excellence, and the UBC Centre for Social, Spatial and Economic Justice, we are set to begin a research project to capture, study and share best practices concerning the employment of people with […]